Portal Do Sul   .   South Gate


landscape art installation by radetzki studioO.

Fazenda Catuçaba, São Paulo, Brazil. 

Opened March 3rd, 000 - temporal.

Portal Do Sul is an architectural-sculptural installation comprised of 10 related wooden sculptures installed over 100 hectares of mountainous terrain of Pinga Rio Valley in the vicinity of São Luiz do Paraitinga, at an elevation of 1350 meters above the sea level.
It is an environmentally minded 'chainsaw project' which employed local chainsaw cutting skills to reclaim/recycle timber as its base material.

As a landscape installation, Portal Do Sul aims at providing philosophical and spatial perspective as related to its immediate natural environment, the local economic and social development.

The works allude to the harmonious structural balance in construction placed within a contemporary context of Brazil's rapid economic growth.

Portal Do Sul was commissioned by Fazenda Catuçaba Art Residency