Pa'Ra - Vast Ocean is a multi-channel video film/installation which I developed this summer in Amazon's eastern region of Pa'Ra, Brazil.

The sole character, the Attendant, travels to the Amazon delta, Ilha de Marajo, and upstream to the Tapajos jungle with the only purpose to assimilate himself, his body with the surrounding landscape and environment.

In Tupi indian language Pa'Ra means vast ocean referring to the grand size of the Amazon estuary. Through a series of on-site performances and video works the Attendant attempts to draw associations between himself and Pa'Ra - vast ocean.

Attendant's performances, selected:

Mudded: forward-backward running knee-deep in mud; planting bleeding feet in mud on the banks of the Amazon River at Ponta do Urubu.

Maracuja Amor: 4 days of walking (forward-backward) at low tide towards the equator on the vast lowlands of Ilha de Marajo culminating in Attendant's making love to a passion fruit (maracuja) at the line of the equator.

Polequal: the Attendant standing on his head at the line of the equator, imitating the blue-whiskered monkey native to the region.

Mato Para Floresta (Mother of The Forest); running lost through the jungle at dusk, Jamaraqua jungle along Rio Tapajos

Mato (Mother); cutting sacrifices with machete, making offerings in local tradition to the Mato Para Floresta, Jamaraqua jungle.

Dune Dig, the Attendant is digging himself into a dune in Parque Nacional dos Lençois Maranhenses.

© 2008, Pasha Radetzki

copying of any image without expressed written permission of the artist is prohibited by copyright law

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